2015 in review

2015 was pretty much all Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl and more Blood Bowl for me.  I have dabbled with Guild Ball and finally got some Judge Dredd gaming going but I have played more Blood Bowl than ever before.  Looking back I :

Took part in nine tournaments including running my own Bunker Bowl again.
Took part in the NAF Championship for the first time since 2008.
Took part in the first UK Team Challenge in York.
Bought a lot of Blood Bowl teams.
Painted a lot of Blood Bowl teams.
Set up and run my club Blood Bowl league both on tabletop and on FUMBBL.
Got closer to reaching "The 24" as I've now used 17 different teams in NAF tournaments.

I can't think of how many games of Blood Bowl I have played in 2015.  It's a lot for sure!

In December I also stood down from the Chelmsford Bunker committee.  I have been a member of the club since 2005 and I've been on the committee since 2006 in various guises.  I've also been the one running the club's forum and website the whole time.  After ten years I thought it was time to let other club members have a go as I'm sure they probably have a lot more drive and passion than I do after a decade!  I'll still be a member of the club, of course, just not one of the guys responsible for it.  It'll be a nice change of pace for sure.  At the AGM in December when the new committee took effect, I was given a wonderful gift as a thank you for my years of service.  They had arranged for one of my friends to 3D sculpt me as a Blood Bowl star player - and then they had it printed as a one-off.  The level of detail and the amount of work that went into this is utterly amazing as you can see below.  I'm going to send it away to a pro-painter that I know so he can do justice to it.

So - onto to 2016 then.  What to expect from the new year?

First of all, I won't be going to so many tournaments this year.  It was very hard work trying to paint all those teams in a rush for the tournaments and going away so much was a bit unfair on my family.  So I will still go to a few but I'm going to aim to complete my goal of using all 24 approved teams in NAF tournaments sometime in 2017.  I will be running the Bunker Bowl again in March as well.

I do want to branch out and play and paint some more Judge Dredd this year and perhaps get going with Guild Ball finally.

Finally, it seems that Games Workshop have decided to restart their Specialist Games division as a part of Forge World and plan to start new releases for Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim, etc.  Despite being a Blood Bowl fan, I am not particularly happy about this as there is such a huge risk that this will make swathing rule changes.  It seems that Blood Bowl will be the first system they produce.  I'll just have to hope for the best that they don't mess things up.