Boudica Bowl IV - first tournament of 2016

I started painting a High Elf team in early January with the plan of taking them to Boudica Bowl IV which is this weekend.  Unfortunately I haven't had time to complete them though so, for the first time in a couple of years, I'll be taking a team that I've used before.  My plan to try to complete the 24 will have to be delayed a little more...

My problem now is deciding which team to take!  Boudica Bowl's ruleset tends to give an advantage to Tier 1 teams that are bash heavy so I think I'm looking at either Undead, Dwarfs or Lizardmen.  I have used Dwarfs at a Boudica Bowl before though - so I'm going to ignore them and take either Undead or Lizardmen.  I am still playing around with rosters and skills sets for both so I'll have to post up what I take after the event itself.

I'll post an update with the results after the weekend.