Bunker Bowl V - the results.

Blimey - that was hard work!

As the name of the tournament rather cleverly suggested, this is the 5th Blood Bowl tournament I have run since 2010 and it ended up being the biggest by far.  Despite a few dropouts in the final days, I had 39 coaches come along to roll dice and see who would be the Bunker Bowl V Champion.  Due to the odd number of players (or is that a number of odd players???) I needed to step up as spare player to round things up to 40.  I was very pleased with the mix of guys turning up to play as we had a couple of NAF Presidents, some tournament pros, a lot of keen local coaches and a good number of guys playing in their first ever Blood Bowl tournament.  Quite a few travelling coaches filled up the rooms in the local Rose and Crown pub so there was a good crowd there enjoying their evenings playing board games and drinking.

The first day went very well but I did find I was getting stressed trying to keep things organised whilst also playing.  Overnight I had a chat with one of my Bunker friends who kindly came along and took over as spare player for two rounds on the Sunday morning / afternoon.  It helped me out as I could sort out the judging for the painting award and take some photos of the day.

After six rounds, we had some winners!

Mike Davies - Bunker Bowl V Champion
Gary Skinner - Runner Up
Sam Griffiths - Most Touchdowns
Neil Whiffing - Most Casualties
Steve Chambers - Stunty Cup
Val Catella - Best Painted
Wil Longbottom - Most Improved on Day 2
Gareth Francis - Wooden Spoon

 That's Bunker Bowl over for this year.  Hopefully I can run another one next year!