Blood Bowl League Playoffs and Hobby Plans

After nearly a year, the CBBBL season is coming to an end and eight teams reached the play-off stages, four from each division.  Quarter-final games are currently being played to see who will go into the semi-finals.

My Undead team and my Goblin team both finished 3rd in each respective division but my Goblins couldn't qualify as you can't take two teams into the play-offs - so it ended up that my Undead were facing off against my friend George's rather meaty Dwarf team.  His team was so well stacked that I could induce Count Luthor - which I did as I'd painted him as a test piece to see how the colour scheme for my Undead team would work.  It was about time he got a chance to hit the field.

It was a bit of a mammoth game in the end.  Both of us made mistakes and had luck at different times but the game was a 2-2 draw at the end of normal time.  Count Luthor did pretty well for himself.  He got injured but managed to Regenerate and he scored the final touchdown to equalise the game.  We then played one half of overtime and neither of us managed to get the winning touchdown.  After nearly four hours of playing, it came down to penalties - which George won 3-2.  So close!  George's team progresses to the semi-finals and that's the end of my Blood Bowl season.  I believe my next game of tabletop Blood Bowl will be in November when I attend a tournament in Cambridge.

With Blood Bowl ending, I will be trying to concentrate hobby and game time to playing Guild Ball as I've really been enjoying that.  I will be painting Fillet and Tenderiser to add to my Butcher's team as well as the new Tater model which is one of the Farmer's Guild players who is available for use in Big League games only.  I picked up the new Butcher's mascot mini last night too so I'll try to get him painted along with the other Season II models.  Once those four minis are painted, I need to decide whether I'm going to try to get my Malifaux Guild box painted, start on my Guild Ball Masons or pick a Blood Bowl team to paint.  I have built and undercoated an Underworld team as I had intended to try them at the Cambridge tournament - but I think now I might need to use Ogres instead.