Cam Dub IV Tournament results

Mass brawl between Ogres and Slann
This weekend saw one of my favourite Blood Bowl tournaments take place, the Cambridge Double Trouble IV (Cam Dub IV).  I took my new ogres and the rules allowed them to take five doubles skills - I chose the following roster for my 1,100,000 allowance :

4 x Ogres with Block
1 x Ogre with Sure Hands
9 x Snotlings
3 x Rerolls
1 x  Fan Factor

1st game vs Goblins got me a 2-1 win and 2-2 on casualties.
2nd game vs Norse was a 0-3 loss with a 3-5 on casualties
3rd game vs Pro elves was a 0-1 loss with a 4-2 on casualties
4th game vs Goblins was a 0-0 draw with 3-2 on casualties
5th game vs Slann was terrible!  A 0-3 loss with 0-2 on casualties
6th game vs High Elves was a 1-0 with with a crazy 7-1 on casualties.

I was very happy with a 2-1-3 result.  Two of the losses were against former NAF Championship champions but all my opponents were really good coaches and all were fantastic fun games.

My buddy Chris all set for the weekend
First opponent - Billy Dee and his Goblins
Trooper Red 'n' Black - lunchtime treat! 
"Bloody Slann are armour plated!"
I was awarded the Best Painted Team which was brilliant.  I also was the Stunty Cup winner despite no official trophy for it and managed to get most casualties - but as I'd already won an award it was given to someone else which is fair enough :) On top of all that I won a Black Scorpion human team in the Blood Bowl bingo game!