They think it's all over! It is now!

Well - Gamesday '08 is over and our Legends of the High Seas game seemed to go down very well with the people who played it. It was quite a fast-paced game and despite having four people playing per game, we got ten games of it in over the course of the day - so that was about forty people introduced to the game system. I've posted some pictures of the islands that were taken on one of our play-test days to give you an idea of what it looked like - and you can see some in-game shots plus some of the Bunker crew from the day itself.

Pirate play-testing shots
Shot of the table ready for the first game...
Mike White - Chelmsford Bunker President
Mid-game action
Our only shark attack of the day. The Tribal Islander pushed a pirate into the sea and a shark ate him!

Barry Arnold - last of the trimuvirate of High Seas nutters at the Chelmsford Bunker (myself and Mike White being the other two!)

Mike Frith - stalwart Gamesday helper for the Bunker...

Some of the Chelmsford Bunker crew