Gamesday approaching

I've painted the last few things that I needed for the club's Gamesday table - some "X marks the spot" markers to show where the treasure is hidden on the islands, plus some treasure chests that show the pirate crews have found some. I've also painted some of the Crusader range of pirate models that I got earlier this year. We've using four different pirate crews so we thought it would be nice to use models from different ranges to show people what's available - we're using Foundry, Black Cat Bases, Black Scorpion and the Crusaders.

Also on the table, we've got some "killer monkeys" as one of the encounters the pirates will battle against to get the treasure. These are baboons made by Obelisk Miniatures and they were painted by Matt Ashworth.

Next post on here will some pictures from the day itself - it should be fun!