Tuesday, May 19

Into the Underhive

I didn't expect to be posting about anything other than Tomb Kings tonight but, as tends to happen with us wargamers, hobby projects tend to get diverted once your interest is piqued. At the Bunker, some of us have been talking about starting a new Necromunda campaign later this year, perhaps with the idea of taking it on to developing it into a game for Gamesday next year. With all the talk about Necromunda going on, I thought I'd dig out my Orlock gang. I got them for my birthday a few years ago, constructed them but never got around to painting them all - I completed the gang leader and a ratskin scout and drifted off onto yet another new project...

Tonight though, I dug out the models and had a look at them. Most of the gang were 90% complete and just needed a bit of highlighting on the clothing and weapons to get them fully usable for any future campaigns. It only took me a short while and I had finished painting one ganger completely so I'll spend the next few days trying to get them all done before returning to painting Tomb Kings. Here's the pictures of the gang leader, ratskin and the completed ganger.