Wings of faith

I know two blog updates in a week is unusual but the Chaplain below didn't take that much time to paint. Having mostly black armour makes him even faster to paint than the normal blue Crimson Fists - I can see why people opt to paint Black Templars as you get them done in no time! The only concern I had with this model was that I was unsure whether to give him two red gauntlets the way I have with all the veteran sergeants and characters in the rest of the army. I thought a red gauntlet on the right hand might clash with the grip of his crozius arcanum so, in the end, I decided to leave it black and just paint his left fist red.

At least I now have a suitable character to lead my Assault Squad into combat. Chaplains excel when added to a close combat unit thanks to them allowing the entire squad to reroll any failed "to hit" rolls. It was one of my favourite units in my Howling Griffons army so I had so make another for this Crimson Fists force.