Essex Eagle

Just a quick update - no nice pictures to go with it unfortunately this time though :(

Since the last post, I've played a couple more games with the Crimson Fists, both 2000 points in size. The first was against Tom Pugh who has a very nicely painted Untramarines successor army. Everything seemed to go wrong for me in this game as I just couldn't do anything effective the whole game. The only satisfying part was when my Terminator Librarian moved within 6in of a fleeing unit to force them off the table edge whilst casting a cheeky Avenger psychic power at a nearby combat squad, killing them all. The game ended up as a draw as we managed to kill each other's troops units and we were playing an objectives game. Good fun though.

The second game was against Dennis Symeou's Khorne deamon army. Having played against daemon armies before, I set up my army a a very defensive castle formation so that he'd be forced to run into my bolter range. The only units I didn't set up in formation were a couple of spare Rhinos that I left in the middle of the board (to mess up his deep striking units) and a unit of shotgun Scouts who camped out on the 2nd objective (the first buried deep within my ranks of marines at base!) Dennis' first unit on the table landed on some of my marines and the deep strike mishap chart allowed me to place them at the opposite end of the board. Not a bad start! Soon after though, he got a unit of Juggernauts, a Bloodthirster and a winged Daemon Prince set down safely. I tried tank-shocking his Prince with one of my Rhinos for the hell of it and, as he was a Khorne daemon, it seemed only right to Dennis that he stood his ground and tried to smash the tank. He did hit it - but only enough to disable it's storm bolter! The tank rolled over him and crushed him utterly. My further attempts at tank shocking his units met with some surprisingly agile daemons leaping out of the path of the vehicle approching! As the game went on, my defensive approach worked well in thinning out the numbers of daemons, eventually leaving him with a few half units of Bloodletters. I left it too late to get within range of contesting the objective the Scouts had been holding (A Bloodthirster had snacked on them in an earlier turn) so it ended up as a draw. Still good fun though.

The last update is that the Bunker is putting on a couple of games at this weekend's "Essex Eagle" event at Hylands House in Chemsford. The event has been organised by the Southend Wargames Club and features a lot of historical wargames from various local clubs, a bunch of wargame traders and some re-enactment groups. We're putting on a WWII Rapid Fire table showing the Invasion of Crete and a 40K table where people can have a go at something slightly less serious. I'll be digging out my Howling Griffons for that one so I'll try to takes some pictures - and maybe even a video or two! The link to the site of the event is here: