They think it's all over!

Two days of non-stop Blood Bowl action and we have a winner!  Jim Slater won the tournament with his Wood Elf team "Thetford Forest Celtic".

In the end, we had 23 people sign up for the tournament so I needed to step in and be the spare player - so I got to play using my Human team (The Middenheim Mustangs).  The first day went as normal for me, with a loss against a fellow Human team, a win against a Skaven team and yet another loss to an outstandlingly coached Ogre team (damn snotlings!).  Today's games went slightly better with a draw again a Norse team, a win against some Dark Elves and lastly a win against Wood Elves.  So - three wins, one draw and two losses and 8th position out of 24 at the end of the day.

Organising an event like this takes a lot of planning but I'm really pleased that all the hard work paid off as I think everyone had a good time.  I definately want to run in again next year.

Here's a short video showing the guys taking part in the first game of the weekend :

Here's some pictures from the event to finish things off nicely :)

Luke Henderson - Wooden Spoon
Steve Chambers - Stunty Cup
Darren Lysenko - Best Painted
Shane Davey - Most Casualties
Paul Owen - Most Touchdowns
Paul Owen - Runner Up
Jim Slater - Winner