Aquan Prime

Spartan Games make a number of cool games but the one that's really caught my eye for a while now is Firestorm Armada.  I've always liked the idea of space ship combat games but I never got into Battlefleet Gothic mainly as no-one I know ever played it.  For Firestorm, my plan was to get the rulebook and a couple of starter fleets and use those to learn how to play the game whilst encouraging my buddies to give the game a try and hopefully persuade them to join in.  As it happens, a number of them have already been intending to start the game themselves so it looks like I've got some opponents to learn the game with without having to bend any arms...

For the two starter fleets, I chose Dindrenzi and Aquan Prime although I like all the fleets and do intend to own all of them at some point.  Today, I built and painted the Aquan fleet - it was fairly easy as the models are all one piece with the larger ships in resin and the small ships in metal.  The Dindrenzi are multi-piece models and now I've got one fleet painted, I can spend some extra time building those.  Anyway - I painted the Aquans with a fairly easy metallic blue scheme.  Nothing too complex and quick to complete.

I'll get the Dindrenzi built and painted next, hopefully before the extra models for both fleets I've ordered are delivered.

Although I'm just starting with Firestorm Armada, I've also just recently ordered another space combat game called War Rocket, made by Hydra Miniatures.  War Rocket is a pure pulp sci-fi game, with ships themed like Flash Gordon so I have wanted to have it ever since I saw it was being released.  Hydra were having a summer sale and all their rulebooks and models were 20% off - and as you can't order them anywhere in Europe, I thought I'd finally get the rulebook, a couple of starter fleets and a space gaming mat as it worked out I saved enough cash to cover the postage from the US.  I can also use the space mat for Firestorm Armada so it's all good!


I found a great intro video on YouTube which shows how the core rules work on Firestorm Armada - watch it now!
Intro to Firestorm Armada