A Bit Of A Fling

The Bunker Bowl II is upon us - the Bunker's Blood Bowl tournament takes place this very weekend.  You never know how many people are going to attend an event until the morning it starts but it's looking like we'll have around thirty-five coaches taking part which is cool as it's ten more than last year.

In my last league game, my Bluebay Crammers team pulled off an amazing 3-0 win against a Lizardman team so, as they've earned it, I've decided to use them at the Bunker Bowl II.

Most Halfling coaches in a tournament setting (such as a 1.1 mil tourney with extra funds to buy your team with) would take the opportunity to induce Deeproot Strongbranch, the star player Treeman.  Deeproot is a truely mighty player - ST7 with Block means he gets three block dice against a standard ST3 opponent.  The problem for me is that in all my league games so far, I've been able to induce Puggy Baconbreath (the star player Halfling) and he's been brilliant in two of those three games.  Puggy is an especially annoying opponent.  He's as strong as most regular Blood Bowl players, has Block and Dodge (so he's harder to take down) and he's still Stunty so he can dodge anywhere on a 3+ and gets a free reroll in case he fails it.  Puggy has been my hero in the league so far so I've decided to build my Bunker Bowl team around him.

My full roster for the tournament is going to be :

2 x Treemen - 240k gp
13 x Halflings - 390k gp
2 x rerolls - 120k gp
9 x fan factor - 90k gp
1 x cheerleader - 10k gp
1 x assistant coach - 10k gp

That leaves 240k gp inducements to put toward Puggy and the Halfling Master Chef.

Yet again, I'm going against the norm as I'm buying 9 fan factor.   The idea is that when the rolls for FAME are made at the start of the game, I'll have more chance of getting FAME +1 - or even FAME +2.  If there's a kick off event that gives a free reroll, I should have more chance of winning it, especially as I've got a cheerleader and an assistant coach.  What I'm aiming for is to deny my opponents a chance at getting a free reroll - especially as my Master Chef will hopefully be taking rerolls off them anyway.  If I can force my opponents to play without rerolls, I might just be able to takeadvantage when they fail something.  Having so many spare players will also be handy as Halflings aren't the toughest of chaps and they will get injured - so replacements are essential.  It will also allow me to foul with impunity if I need to.

So - here's hoping Puggy and the boys do a decent job for me this weekend.  If I can win the Stunty Cup or Wooden Spoon with them, I'll be happy!