New beginnings

Things have been quiet on the hobby front recently as I've been busy moving house.  That's all completed now though so I'm hoping to get back to painting my Firestorm Armada fleets.

In the meantime, however, the Chelmsford Bunker Blood Bowl League has started it's winter season.  Technically known as the CBBBL IV, the winter league is a short ten game run rather than the standard fifteen games the summer leagues feature.  As it is a short league, I thought it was apt to use a short team so my Halflings, the Bluebay Crammers, have taken to the field.  Fifteen other Blood Bowl teams are taking part and, out of those, there's only one other stunty team (Erik's Ogre team which features mostly Snotlings!) so I am expecting my hobbits to take a regular heavy drubbing.  The first game on Wednesday didn't disappoint as the Crammers lost 3-0 to an Orc team but it was a fun game.

In other Blood Bowl related news, my club's annual Blood Bowl tournament is taking place at the end of October and it's looking like we'll have more attendees this year than last.  All good stuff :)

* EDIT *

Rather amusingly, the Halflings won their first game of the season playing against my friend Paul's Skaven team.  Poor old Paul only had two players on the field at the end of the game!