When It Comes To The Crunch

Bunker Crew
Six games of Blood Bowl in two days is normally quite a big effort.  It's a surprisingly tactically game at heart and when you're facing against good opponents you have to really think hard to try your best.  The Carrot Crunch tournament is different though.  Rodders and Magic Dave run it so well and the venue is so nice and relaxing, you can totally immerse yourself in just having a fun weekend playing Blood Bowl with your peers.

I had six great games against six great opponents and the Halflings did a fairly decent job of it.

Game 1 saw me randomly drawn against an Ogre team - and my opponent won the Stunty Cup award with them in the end so he was pretty handy with them.  I was happy to get a 1-0 win against him (if I'd have scored two more tournament points I could have got the cup!  Oh well...)

Game 2 and I was against a Belgian Skaven player.  It was a tough match but we finished 2-2 which I was very pleased with.

Game 3 and I was drawn against the worst team I could have hoped to face - my mate Sherwin's Chaos Dwarfs.  Well it was only going to have one result with that match up - I lost 4-0.

Day two - game 4.  Another Bunker coach for me, this time my old mate Paul and his Chaos team.  He had given the Kick skill to one of his beastmen and that stuffed me totally.  It finished 3-1, the only consolation being that Puggy sneakily nicked a goal at the end.

Game 5 and against another Belgian Skaver player!  This was an unbelievably close match with my excellent opponent being hampered by having his rerolls stolen by my master chef and his dice being abysmal whilst mine were excellent.  All he had to do to draw the game on the last turn was blitz a halfling out of the way and make a go-for-it to get into the endzone.  Then he rolled a 1.  It ended 3-2 to me and I was fairly stunned to have won.

Games 6 and I needed a win to hope for the Stunty Cup - but I was drawn against the NAF President playing Orcs.  Ouch!  I was doomed from the start really!  It ended a 2-0 loss to me so no surprise there.  Always good to play against Lycos though as he's such a great guy.

So - two wins, one draw and three losses.  Not to bad and, strangely enough, it was the same result as I got at the Crunch in 2011 with Skaven.

The next tournament for me is the one-day members only Blood Bowl tournament at the Bunker; the next proper tournament will be the Bunker Bowl III in October.