Balance of Terror

I've been lacking on the options of hobby work since the last post but Star Fleet is still firmly in my focus, especially as I've just purchased a new fleet box; this time the Romulans.  I'll take some pictures of them as soon as I can as the metal models are all perfectly moulded and have etched eagles / hawks on their undersides which should make it far easier to paint the trademark bird of prey on their belly.

The only disappointment is the quality of the casting of the resin dreadnought.  Although there are no bubbles in the resin, there is a lot of excess flash that will take forever to clean up into a decent looking model.  When I compare the quality to the models produced by Spartan Games there's a massive difference.  I know Spartan have a far more expensive manufacturing process than Mongoose but it's a real shame that the lovely 3D renders of these Starline 2500 ships aren't matched by the resin.  At least the metal ships make up for these in some way.

I'm going to be helping my friend Tom this weekend at the Eastern Front show in Norwich - ; Tom runs Cymbeline Games and I'll be helping him run some Warpath demo games.  I'll take some pictures of the day and will post them up on here.

I'm hopeful the balance of work / life and hobby will swing a little further towards the hobby side of things in a week or so - I'm looking forward to getting my Federation fleet painted and then starting on the Klingons and Romulans.