Sunday, September 16

Sent To The Eastern Front

My friend Tom (Bunker Secretary) runs Cymbeline Games which is his independant wargame trader business.  He had a stand at the Eastern Front wargames show in Norwich today and was also running a demo table for Warpath, Mantic Games' sci-fi 28mm skirmish game.  Sherwin (Bunker President), Rich and myself went along from the club to give him a hand running the Warpath game as well as showing off Project Pandora : Grim Cargo and a demo game of Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games.

It was only a couple of hours drive from Chelmsford to the show and we soon had the table and Tom's stand all set up.  A few other Bunker members were there helping out Warlord Games demoing Bolt Action so it was quite a good turnout from the club.  We had a great day showing off the games and having a laugh - it's always good fun when you get to spend the day with your mates talking rubbish and playing wargames!  Here's some pics from the day...