Bunker Bowl III

The Bunker Bowl is over for another year and it seemed to go very well.  Unfortunately, I couldn't attend on the Sunday due to a family emergency but the guys at the Chelmsford Bunker did a fine job without me.  I did get to play three games on the first day though - here's how they went...

Game 1 was against my mate Rich Mcadam.  This was his first game ever using a Nurgle team and he did really well with them.  The beast of Nurgle is exactly the kind of player that Amazons don't want to face - as soon as he got next to them they were trapped thanks to his tentacles!  We finished 1-1 in the end.

Game 2 was against Joe Hainstock - he's well known in the Blood Bowl community as he's a member of the NAF and a fearsome opponent.  He's ranked in the top five players in the world for a number of teams including the Lizardmen that he was using against me.  I managed to hold him to a 1-0 loss for me but it was a tough match as I was losing players all over the place.  An excellent chance for me to test my mettle against a superior coach so there's no shame by losing to a player such as Joe.

Game 3 and I was on the bottom table facing a team of nothing but snotlings, coach by Sam Griffiths.  Sam was brilliant in this game, playing to the strengths of his rather puny team.  He scored first and I was up against it just trying to equalise - I only managed that on the final turn of the game.  So - a 2-2 draw but I think Sam proved who was the better coach.

So - with me having to bail on Day 2 it wasn't my best tournament.  It was officially my worst ever tournament result in fact!  Oh well.  These things happen.  Let's hope Bunker Bowl IV goes better for me!


I recently created a video for Bunker Bowl III and put it on YouTube - you can see it here :