The Hobby Butterfly Effect

With Bunker Bowl over with, I thought I would try to review what hobby projects I've bought into and see where I stood with them.  Today is Halloween, after all, so I thought I would scare myself...

A Call To Arms: Star Fleet - Mongoose Publishing

For this game I have a big Federation fleet (as detailed in an earlier post), plus two other fleet box sets for Klingons and Romulans.  At present I have built one, yes just one, Federation frigate.

Firestorm Armada - Spartan Games

For Firestorm I have a usable Aquan fleet but I have a number of other ships that need some paint on them, namely a cluster of Stingray destroyers, a Manta battle carrier and a Medusa dreadnought.  I've also got a Dindrenzi starter fleet which is basecoated - plus another Dindrenzi starter fleet I bought from a friend and a bundle of extra ships for them (Gladius gunship, Trident destroyers and a Retribution dreadnought).  I also have a Terran starter fleet somewhere.

Dystopian Wars - Spartan Games

While I'm listing the Spartan Games stuff, I do have a Prussian Empire naval battle group box set that I recently bought.  Still in the box, of course.

War Rocket - Hydra Miniatures

I have three War Rocket fleets; Galacteers, Imperial and Zenithian.  Again, all untouched so far.

Urban War - Urban Mammoth

I've recently started looking at Urban War as the figures just look great.  I've bought a VASA strike force box and will be getting some Syntha to give the VASA something to battle with.

Kings of War - Mantic Games

Although I don't own a Kings of War army, I do have a huge Undead army that my friend Gareth has given me to paint up and use.

Blood Bowl - Games Workshop

Ah, Blood Bowl.  Of the twenty-one teams in the Competition Rules PDF, I have eight painted teams.  I do have the other thirteen teams which are still need some attention.  I've been challenged to use Vampires next CBBBL season so I will have to get them painted at some point.

So - I have a lot of stuff to get on with!  I am, however, doing my best to reduce some of the wargames toys I have in storage as I've been selling off my Warhammer and 40K models.  I don't intend to play either of those games again so my piles of plastic have recently been much reduced,  At some point I will be selling off my Crimson Fists army and my Howling Griffons while I'm at it.  A shame but I don't have endless amounts of room for games I'm not playing...

I need to knuckle down and get my hobby on so I'm going to try to get the Prussians and VASA built and painted in the next month.  As they are small projects I'm hoping they can ease me into getting back into the painting habit.