The War For Iskandria

I've made good progress on my VASA Strike Force for Urban War - I've managed to build and paint the Strike Force starter set plus an additional Archangel Sgt.

I think it was the Archangel models that sold this faction to me - they reminded me of the Seraphim from the Sisters of Battle from 40K.  I also really liked the look of the Suppressors with their Soviet style helmets, battle shields and clubs.  I've bought a lot extra models of both to expand my army of them but I'll need to beef them up with some hard hitters like some Black Legion or Red Guard.  There is a great looking battlesuit for the VASA too - a KV72 Starfire.  I'm sure I'll be getting one of these before too long...

My mate Rid has joined in with playing Urban War along with me - he's got a Triad force suited, booted and ready for action so we'll be taking the war to Iskandria tomorrow at the Chelmsford Bunker.  I'll take some pictures of the action but, in the meantime, here's some pictures of the VASA.

Archangel Sgt
Archangel Sgt rear
Suppressors with Gauss Rifles
Suppressors with Stun Baton and Battleshield
Suppressor Sniper
VASA Strike Force
VASA Strike Force with Archangel Sgt