VASA Strike Force

November kicked off with me buying bits and pieces for my Urban War forces.  I'd already bought a VASA Strike Force and a rulebook but I wanted some nice resin base toppers to put them.  One swift eBay order to Fenris Games later and I had some cool post-apocalyptic bases for the models to sit on.  While I was doing this, I found some 2nd ed. Syntha models on eBay and ordered them plus some extra VASA Suppressors and Archangels while I was at it...

I've now constructed and undercoated the VASA set and I'm slowly painting them in a rather traditional grey scheme - I will post up some pictures when they're done.

On the gaming front, the Blood Bowl league at the club has finished and I just missed out on a play-off space so see who is champion of CBBBL V.  I had a good run though, finishing 5th overall.  I and the other three Chaos players decided to have our own play-offs to see who was the top Chaos team.  I managed to win in my play-off game so I'm through to the Chaos Cup final which I'm playing tomorrow.  You can see how I got on with my Chaos team on their own blog site here :