Big Cats and Big Ships

I've treated myself to a Kzinti Squadron Box for A Call To Arms: Star Fleet.  Kzinti are 8ft tall tiger-like humanoids and are one of the main protagonists in the Star Fleet Universe outside of the three famous races of the Federation, Klingons and Romulans (along with Gorn, Hydrans and Lyrans).

Kzinti ships have a very different look to the other races as they have a very large command module and the rest of the ship is comprised of a long hull with side wings.  I think they're very cool and I'm planning to buy more of these for sure.
Kzinti Dreadnought - resin body with metal tail.  The resin body is pretty well cast with few blemishes.
Kzinti Heavy Battlecruiser - all metal and looking like it needs a fair amout of clean up work.
Kzinti Light Cruiser
Kzinti Medium Cruiser
Kzinti War Destroyer

As well as these lovely Kzinti models, I also had a delivery of the biggest Federation model in their fleet - the four-engined Mars-class Battleship.  It's a beast!  I really can't wait to build this and get it painted...
Federation Battleship
I've also been busy with some side projects for the game.  I have been printing out some custom made base labels onto laser sticker labels and I've used a compass cutter to cut them out.  I've also bought some of the Mongoose Publishing ship cards used for charting damage and weapon usage during a game - I've printed these out two to an A4 sheet, cut them and then had them laminated.  It should make things far easier when playing the game.

Making base labels
Federation Ship Cards
 One other  bit of Star Fleet related news is that I've signed up for the ACTA:SF tournament at Mongoose HQ in Swindon on 15th June.  This is going to be amusing as I've not even played one game so far!  I am planning to have a month of playing the game at the Chelmsford Bunker to help me learn the rules and to try to get some others interested in the system.  Thankfully, no-one else at the club needs to do anything other than just join in as I've bought more than enough ships and fleets for everyone just to use my stuff.