USS Directorate - Federation-class Dreadnought

With the Dreadball project out of the way, I've got back to painting Federation models for the Star Fleet game.  I had planned to paint all the models in my fleet from the smallest to the largest upwards but I need to get some different ships painted so I can start playing with them at the club.  With that in mind, I started working on a couple of Heavy Cruisers, two Fast Cruisers, a Command Cruiser (essentially a Heavy Cruiser with added hull sections) and a Dreadnought.  The hard part of painting these ships is getting the panel lines done - my way of doing it is spraying the models white, painting the panel lines in with grey and then carefully paint each panel white again.  It's fairly time consuming as it takes a few coats to the the white to build back up over the grey.  I ended up concentrating on the Dreadnought in an effort to get something finished - so here she is, the USS Directorate.