Monday, March 3

Dreadball Z'zor

The Blood Bowl season is drawing to a close - and even though I've made the play-offs for the first time, I will have at most two more games before the season ends.  Whilst Blood Bowl glory still awaits (with Nuffle's blessing, of course...) I thought I'd best start looking at what to do until the next season starts in October.

With a multitude of available projects, it fell to one of my gaming buddies badgering me to get me motivated - so my Dreadball Z'zor team have now been painted.  They're not the best models and they were a complete pain to glue together - but after a white undercoat and a green wash they were looking okay.  A few colours here and there and I'm happy to call them done - good enough for gaming with, at least.  This is the box set team with the MVP Ludwig.  I guess I'd best read the rulebook now then...