Runner Up Blues

A toast to the new Champion!
I've been playing Blood Bowl solidly since September last year and somehow managed to get my Chaos Dwarf team into the playoffs in the Bunker league.  I won the semi-final match against my a Skaven team and was facing another Skaven team in the final - coached by my mate Paul.  It was a tough game but Paul finally managed to score a touchdown at the end of the second half to win the title.  So close!

With the Blood Bowl season now officially over, I'll still be playing the game via FUMBBL.  A few of the regular in the BB league are playing a league on there which has been great fun.  I've also joined in with a few other leagues with varying success.  It's all practice for the start of the new CBBBL season in October.  I recently received a new team which I'd supported through an Indigogo campaign - Rolljordan wanted to resculpt his Horned Frog range and add additional models which the funds would help him with.  My team arrived a couple of weeks ago along with some extra models that were thrown in with it - such as star players and a cheer leader!  I'll be using these as a Slann team at some point.  I've also pre-ordered a plastic/resin Ogre team that Impact Miniatures produced recently - I'll be collecting these from Tritex Games at Salute next month.

Apart from the regular Blood Bowl shenanigans, I'll be finally playing Dreadball in April as my friend Tom will be running a boot camp at the club.  I have my painted Z'zor team ready to go but I'm going to try to get both the Corporation and Orx teams in the box set painted for training day - I think they'll be easier to learn with.

Rolljordan - Horned Frogs (Slann)