Boudica Bowl III - The Aftermath

No trophy for me this year but I had a good time at Boudica Bowl.  My first game was against Lizardmen coached by a real pro-coach so I did my best but lost 2-0.  Game two and I was facing Lizardmen again but I got a win in that game with a 2-1 result.  The last game that day was against Andrew with his Dwarf team.  He played really well and I was riddled with bad dice so he won 2-0.  Day two and I was facing Halflings in the first game.  A bad match up for him really and I won 3-0.  Game five and I was against Halflings again - they went 1-0 up quickly then got a cheeky 2nd touchdown thanks to a thrown halfling.  I had to do my best just to equalise - that game ended 2-2.  My last game was against Norse and their weak armour really didn't help them - I won that game 2-1.  So my final tally for the weekend was three wins, one draw and two losses which I was pretty happy with.

That's it for Blood Bowl for me until my own tournament in March - I'm running that so I don't expect to be playing unless we have odd numbers of attendees and I'm needed as a spare man.