Bunker Bowl IV - the results

What a great weekend!  Running an event is hard work but very rewarding when it seems to go well and everyone enjoys themselves.  4TK Gaming is an excellent venue for a tournament and, even though this was the first Blood Bowl tournament run there, it had a great atmosphere for the guys taking part.

We had twenty-two coaches ready to play on day one so I got to walk around and take some photos and videos, keep track of the games and give players a prod when they were running over time on the games.  You can see the video I took here :

Unfortunately one of the guys taking part said he couldn't make it on the second day so I knew I would probably have to step up and play for day two.  I didn't want to use the Amazon team I had brought though as I would be playing against the chap in last place - it seems a bit unfair to make them play a tier 1 team.  So when I got home that evening I quickly worked out a Halfling roster, packed up my team and got ready for the next day.

All but the one chap who'd warned me were there on day two so I grabbed my team and added myself to the list of active players.  After the draw for round four, I was playing against a coach playing Goblins.  He was having a rough tournament and his dice were atrocious.  I was doing my best to help him out (like placing a kick next to the Line of Scrimmage) but Nuffle decided that it wasn't to be the Goblins time.  I ended up winning 3-0 and going 5-3 on casualties.  Maximum tournament points for my team which isn't what I wanted as I was really only there to make up the numbers...

Game two and I was playing against a Dwarf team, one of the teams that really can destroy a Halfing team.  I prepared to take my drubbing and set up my players on the pitch.  My first block of the game with Deeproot killed one of his blockers and it was a bit of a shock for the both of us   I had been expecting my team to be smashed but as he was down on numbers I thought I'd try my luck and play as well as I could.  It was a really tough game but somehow my Halflings won 2-0 although I went 1-3 down on casualties.

It was now time for the final game of the day and I was drawn against one of my clubmates with an Orc team.  I really was up against the wall now.  I was very, very lucky in this game that his dice were really bad when he was making armour and injury rolls.  I managed to cause a casualty on one of his black orc blockers and then knocked out his thrower - so he was struggling with having a lack of numbers.  The first half ended 0-0 and we were still battling it out.  At one key point, he had to throw the ball to get it away from my mass of halflings with Diving Tackle but one of the little fellows made a key interception on a roll of a six.  He dodged away and handed the ball to another little hobbit who sprinted away for a touchdown.  After the restart I had to swamp the orcs to try to stop them from getting forward and managed to make it work.  The final score was 1-0 to me but I went 3-5 down on casualties.

Somehow I managed three wins in three games with Halflings.  I still can't quite believe it.

As far as the tournament went, I think it was a great success.  We had a stack of prizes to hand out to the winners and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Here's the final results.