Bunker Bowl IV

It's been a while coming.  The last time Bunker Bowl was held was back in October 2012 but it's back next weekend as Bunker Bowl IV.  It's in a new venue this time as the Chelmsford Bunker's regular venue is a bit too expensive to make a small event viable.  This time it's at 4TK Gaming in Colchester, a great gaming store with a small area above the store for wargame tables.  I'm expecting around 20-24 coaches to take part so it should still be big enough to have some fun.  I've organised some dice for the guys taking part and there are trophies and prizes for those who do well.

As the venue has changed, it seemed a good time to change the rulespack as well.  This is still a 1.1 mil team but the skills and scoring have changed.  You can see the latest rules HERE

I'm spare player for the event but, in the case I'm needed, I'll have an Amazon team to use as I only got to play three games with them at the last Bunker Bowl.

I will be posting up some pics of the weekend and full results.

Bunker Bowl IV dice