TOWIE Bowl - the aftermath

That was tough going.  Slann are not the best Blood Bowl tournament team and this was not the easiest of tournaments for them to play in.  There was no Stunty Cup award so no-one took a stunty team.  In fact, the majority of the teams taking part were straight up Tier 1 teams.  Having only three skills on the first day also things tougher - it was easier on the second day with six skills although I'm not sure I'd take Strip Ball on a lineman again.  I didn't use it once!

My roster was :

Kroxigor - 140K
4 x Catchers - 320K
7 x Linemen - 420K
4 x rerolls - 200k
2 x fan factor - 20k

For skills on day one, I gave Dodge to two of the Catchers and Wrestle to a Lineman.  Day two and I gave Dodge to a Catcher, Guard to a Catcher (doubles skill) and Strip Ball to a Lineman,

My first game was against Norse and I just got smashed off the field.  I had a load of guys injured and knocked out so I played most of the game with around six players or less.  It ended a 3-0 loss on touchdowns and a 3-1 casualties difference in his favour.  Not the best of starts!

After lunch I could see I was on the bottom table and found that I was playing against one of the best players I know with Dark Elves.  He'd had a bad first game so he was slumming it playing against my Slann!  The game ended a 3-0 loss but I managed to get a 2-0 score on casualties against him.

Game three and I found myself playing against a Chaos team.  I managed to get a 3-1 lead on him and was hoping I'd done enough but his did some real razzle dazzle moves and managed to score two touchdowns quickly to draw it to 3-3.  We both got 2-2 on casualties too.

Onto day two and I was facing up against a Wood Elf team.  I did my best but the Wardancers did what Wardancers do and the game ended as a 4-1 loss.  I had thought I had done better than the scoreline though - some elfy bullshit moves just piled on the extra TD's!  I got one more casualty than him though as I scored 2-1 on those.

Still on the botto table for game five and I was taking on Pro Elves.  It all came good in this game.  I was 3-0 up in the 2nd half and my opponent did get one touchdown to make it a 3-1 result to me.  I got 3-0 casualties on him too meaning my Slann had at least gotten that elusive win I had wanted.

For the final game I was taking on Skaven and he had some terrible luck.  A pitch invasion on the kick off meant he had six stunned players and I had none!  This run of bad luck for him carried on and before I knew it I was 2-0 up.  I had taken out a few of his players as well.  Some bad luck for me and some Skaven razzle dazzle meant the game ended 2-2 but 4-0 casualties to me.

So my final tally with the Slann was a 1-2-3 result which I thought was a little unfair on them as I think I was unlucky for those two draws not to be wins.  The team was great fun to use and despite only painting them the day before the event, I think they were one of the nicest looking teams there.

I'll be using the Slann again in a league sometime for sure.  I think it will be a while before I try them in a tournament again though ;)