I have been signed up for a new Blood Bowl tournament in Harlow for ages now - they guys running it are part of the Herts & Essex Blood Bowl League and they are a great bunch.  When I heard they were running a Blood Bowl tournament, their first public NAF registered tourney at that, I couldn't miss it.

That being said, I had intended to bring a new team to the event but I just haven't had the time to finish them off - my Slann team are basecoated but nowhere near ready for use.  So I'm going to dig out my old Necromantic team and use them as they were the first team I ever used at a tourney, way back in 2004 at the first Pearly Kings and Queens in London.

I don't know what roster I'm going to use yet but I've got a few days to work on it.  I'll post up some pics after the weekend.