Elfheim Eagles - Pro Elf Blood Bowl Team

I've finally got my Pro Elf team painted for the RIOTS tournament which is this weekend.  They're rather vibrant as you can see from the photos below - and I blame my buddies on Twitter for this.  I was stuck for a colour scheme for them and they said "Paint them as the Elfheim Eagles!" which are a classic 2nd ed. team.  Their colour scheme was mainly purple and orange so the colours were decided from there.

These models are from Games Workshop's 5th ed. range and they're not the best sculpts to be honest.  As such, I will admit I didn't do my best painting on them as I just wanted them ready for use at the tournament.  Still - they're painted so that's another team done at least!

For the tournament roster, I've worked out what positions I'm taking - I'm just not sure on the skills for the two blitzers.  I'm going to try out the below on a test game this week and make a decision after that.  For the RIOTS tournament you get 1.1 million to pick a team from and then you can choose five skills to assign, one of which may be a double (It's a five game tourney). *edit* I've updated the roster after playtesting - this is what I'll be using!

1 x Throwers - 70,000
2 x Blitzers - 220,000 (1 x Dodge, 1 x Strip Ball)
3 x Catchers - 300,000 (2 x Dodge, 1 x Guard)
6 x Linemen - 360,000
2 x Rerolls - 100,000
1 x Apothecary - 50,000

I'll let you know how I get on - but before I do, here's the team in their eye bursting glory...

Elfheim Eagles