R.I.O.T.S. Championship 2015

I took the Pro Elf team I painted this last week to the RIOTS tournament today and did a lot better with them than I had expected.  Having used them online in a league, I wasn't expecting much apart from them being crushed into the pitch.

My first game was against a Chaos team, coached by one of the Romford guys.  I'd played him using the same team at the NAF Championship in May - and that time he beat me 2-1.  Things really did change this time though as I ended up winning 4-0 and I even out-casualtied him 3-1.  That put me up as leader after the first round which was a total shock.

Game two and I was playing against a Wood Elf team on table 1.  There was lots (and lots!) of elfy stuff going on but I managed to take another win although just 2-1.  I was still at the top of the table after this game - I was getting a nosebleed from being up so high.

Game three and I found myself up against Purplegoo and his Lizardmen.  I have played him before when he was using that team and he was just as solid with them this time.  I resorted to a crazy amount of elf bullshit and it was paying off.  We were tied at 1-1 and in my final turn I managed to blitz his skink with the ball after a 5+ dodge into a cage and take him down on a one-dice block.  All Phil had to do was walk a skink onto the ball and pick it up in the end zone.  He fumbled it, used his reroll and then picked it up to win 2-1.  I could not complain at losing to him, especially after making him work so hard for it.

Day two and in game four I was up against a Skaven team coached by one of the HEBBL regulars.  I scored early and then got really lucky with a Blitz results and managed to get hold of the ball and score again.  I carried on doing lots of 5+ dodges into cages with a blitzer and it was working!  We ended the game 4-2.

In the last game I was drawn against Orcs coaches by one of my regular tournament buddies - he's a really good coach.  It was quite close - I scored early and then managed to get the ball off his thrower to give myself a chance to go two up.  Once of his blitzers managed to intercept the ball though and he ended up equalising instead.  In the 2nd half the Orcs ground their way down the field and I started taking lots of casualties - too many to fight against despite my best efforts.  The final score was 2-1 to the Orcs.

So I ended with three wins and two losses and finished in 4th place overall thanks to the number of touchdowns I scored.  It was a great event and I managed to get tons of swag in spot prizes!  I was very happy with my result as I didn't expect to win one game, let alone three.