Twisted Cup II

I went to the Twisted Cup II one-day Blood Bowl tournament today with my newly painted High Elves.  I will be honest and say I wasn't expecting to get a great results as I know that High Elves aren't a great tournament team and there would be some decent opposition going.

For my first game, I was facing a chap with a Slann team and he had a terrible amount of luck trying to get his Hail Mary Pass lineman to pick up the ball.  I kept sending my fast players up field to hog the ball - which worked great as thanks to his dice and me rolling for a Blitz twice, I was 3-0 up by turn 5!  My half time I had made it 4-0.  In the second half his dice got better and he started causing some injuries on my players.  Even so, the game ended 5-2 which, I believe, is my highest ever total in one game in a tournament.  A much better start to the day than I had ever expected.

Game two and I was in 2nd place which meant I was playing against my mate VultureSquadron who was also playing High Elves.  He won the 1st Twisted Cup the year before with them and, having played him before, knew I was in for a very tough game.  We were both being quite cagey but we finished the first half 1-1 with me receiving the ball.  More cagey playing and I eventually made my break in Turn 8.  All I needed to do was block a lineman out of the way which would make a gap for a blitz on the guy marking my ball carrier - and I rolled double-skulls.  Argh!  In his final turn he managed to surf my ball carrier, picked up the ball and got it to a lineman who just needed to throw a short pass to a catcher to steal the win.  I was so relieve when he fumbled it!  1-1 against a great coach with a tournament winning team - I was just annoyed I missed out on beating him for the first time.
For the final game I was playing another High Elves team coached by a new chap in his first tabletop tournament.  He was a nifty player and I was really struggling when I started losing players.  Despite my best efforts, I just couldn't cope with being so many men down and lost 2-1 in the end.

So - a final tally of 1-1-1 which really isn't that bad for my first time using High Elves in a tournament - and I am still ruing that bloody double skulls that stopped me winning Game 2!  I am not sure where I finished in the positions but I was very shocked and pleased to be awarded the Best Painted Team trophy.  Fantastic!  It was a really good event and great to meet some of my Blood Bowl mates from Belgium who had travelled over for the day.