Boudica Bowl V - Do Vampires Suck?

My first tournament with Vampires is over and after six games, I'm probably going to say that I enjoyed them for the most part.  They are a challenging team and, as was proved by the tournament winner who also used them, in the right hands they can be unstoppable.  I'm not sure my hands are the right hands though - I would certainly need more practice with them before I opted to take them to another tournament.  I was hoping to get two wins out of the weekend and I didn't quite manage to get that.

For the tournament, I was allowed six normal skills on day one (trading two of those for a double if I so wished), and then another three on day two (trading two of those to stack another normal skill on someone who got a skill on day one.  So my roster for the tournament was :

3 x Vampires with Block (one getting Dodge on Day 2)
8 x Thralls (three with Wrestle on Day 1 and another on Day 2)
Wilhelm Chaney (Werewolf star player)
3 x rerolls

I got a 1-0 win over Dwarfs, a 2-0 loss against the other Vampire team, then a 3-2 loss to Skaven which I felt I really should have won.  Day two and I played a 1-1 draw against Khemri, then a 2-2 draw against Orcs, then another Khemri team where it also finished 1-1.  So my Vampires managed a 1-3-2 result - not terrible but a little disappointing.  It was a good fun weekend though as I have a lot of gaming buddies who attend it - so that's always good.  My friend James had picked me up a Blood Bowl mug from Warhammer World too so that was a nice bonus to bring home.