Vampire Blood Bowl team

It's been a while since I posted on here as I dropped out of doing any hobby projects over Christmas and the New Year.  As ever though, the threat of an upcoming Blood Bowl tournament pushes me into action and I dig out my paint station and a team in need of some attention.  Next on the list of teams in my quest to use all 24 official Blood Bowl teams in NAF tournaments is the Vampires.

I bought this team back in 2011.  GW had just announced they were going to start producing minis in FineCast resin and I didn't like the sound of it - so I bought the last four teams I needed from them in one batch (Nurgle, Pro Elf, Khemri and Vampires).  I knew that the Vampires were a tough team to use though so they did end up being pushed down the list of projects - six years in the lead mountain is long enough for them! I wanted to paint them in a dark scheme but also wanted them to be a more natural colours - so I settled on some muted browns, blacks and reds with some silver armour highlights.

I'm still deciding on what roster to take to the tournament (which is Boudica Bowl V) so I repainted Wilhelm Chaney who had been partly painted for my Norse team.  He'll give me some options if I decide to try him out.

This is the original sculpt for the Vampire Lord mini done by Steve Buddle