Blood Bowl - Wood Elves completed

I've actually hit a bit of a milestone with this team.  I collected these minis years ago and started painting them purple with yellow striped leggings.  Needless to say, the stripes went terribly and I got annoyed with being unable to paint them like Harlequins!  I stripped them and started them again a while later and got as far as painting one Catcher, then gave up.  They've been in an army case for at least six years since, probably more.

As I started on the path to painting all my teams to use in tournaments, I eventually decided that this Wood Elf team would be the one that I played at the end of it all.  As I've worked though all the teams up until these, I realised I still need a treeman to complete then.  Happily, GW had a limited run of old BB minis a short while ago and I managed to get a treeman from them :)

When I finished my Chaos Pact team, I dug out the Wood Elves and started work on them straight away.  The catcher that I'd painted so long ago was mostly all red with cream straps so I tried to stick to that for the rest of them, although I opted to add a dark green as an accent colour.  I was a bit jaded with painting red halfway though doing these and had to take a week's break from them - but I've managed to get them finished now and I'm really quite pleased with how they've come out.  I'm going to save these to use at the NAF Championship this year where, if everything goes well, I'll use them to complete using all 24 teams :)

Of course, the NAF have approved two further teams since then - I'll deal with those later this year!  In the mean time, here's the Wood Elves.