HEBBL Season XVI - High Elves in league Blood Bowl

I ran the Blood Bowl league at the Chelmsford Bunker since around 2006 in one form of another so I'm not inexperienced in playing in leagues.  The last league at the Bunker took forever to play though as I'd tried switching from coaches playing any other opponent over ten games to a specific fixture list.  Some of the coaches could only attend one day a month and the league dragged on forever.  By the end of it, I think most people were jaded with playing Blood Bowl - and I was certainly jaded with running it.  Herding cats would be much easier than trying to get gamers to play a structured series of games!  So since the league ended (back in October 2016) I've focused on playing in tournaments.

I know a lot of the Blood Bowl players in my local area as they've played in the Bunker Bowl tournaments that I've run and I've attended their tournaments in return.  One of these was the TOWIE Bowl which I took Slann to back in April 2015.  It was played at the Harlow Games Club and their local league is the Herts and Essex Blood Bowl League (HEBBL for short).  I spotted recently that they were starting a new season of Blood Bowl at their club and they were looking for coaches.  As it's been a while since I played in a league, I thought I'd sign up and use my High Elves as they're decently painted and I've never used elves of any sort in a league before.  My buddy Andrew also joined in (He's using Slann) so we're going to have a few months of weekly Blood Bowl action which is going to be great!

The league is using the BB2016 rules including special play cards being issued at the start of the game (if both coaches agree to it) and I have already played my first game against Skaven.  I won 2-1 in a very close game.  I got skills on two players - a Blitzer who rolled a +1 ST boost and then a Catcher who rolled a +1 MV boost.  Can't complain at a start to a league like that!