Blood Bowl GT

Well - that was a busy gaming weekend. Six games of Blood Bowl over two days is hard work!  I did get some funky yellow NAF dice though...

The first day went really well for the Crammers - a lucky draw against an Orc team, an amazing win against a Skaven team and a hard-fought draw on the third against an Amazon team.

Day two was oh-so different! A feeble 2-0 loss against a Norse team, another feeble loss against another Amazon team and a tough 2-1 loss against a Human team. I forgot to take pictures too... Ah well. They're only halflings, after all! I finished 149th although I'm not sure how many teams took part.

I did enjoy using the team though - and my line up of two rookie treemen, nine halflings, Deeproot Strongbranch, Puggy Baconbreath and the induced Master Halfling Chef was a tougher prospect that they seemed on paper. Puggy was my player of the weekend - he caused a lot of casualties on opposing players. I'm seriously tempted to use this team in the club league next year although probably with a different lineup.