Bluebay Crammers - Blood Bowl Halflings

I think Blood Bowl is probably my favourite GW game. I love the inherent silliness of it and I like the team development aspect. This is why I've been running a Blood Bowl league at my club for the last couple of years; something that has sparked a lot of other club members to appreciate the game.

Next weekend, I'm heading off to my first ever Blood Bowl Grand Tournament at Warhammer World in Nottingham - GW HQ. There are lots of tournaments around the world but, for Blood Bowl, this is the biggie in terms of importance. As there are so many coaches attending from all over the world, there was no chance I'd manage to win it as I'm a competent gamer but I'm not brilliant at it the way a lot of the top coaches are. So, I decided to register my Halfling team so I can just play for fun and enjoy the weekend.

The Halfling team was painted for me by my friend Tom Farrow. Tom is one of those guys who paints extremely well with little obvious effort - he's just naturally talented. This is the second team he's painted for me now and he's done a fantastic job on them.

Bluebay Crammers

Score marker from Impact Miniatures
I had some Puggy dice made too!