Swallows and...

I've been in a quandry for a while now.

The first Blood Bowl team I ever painted was back in 2004/5 when I got some Amazons to use in a league being played at my local GW store. They were the first models I painted using a layering technique rather than using ink washes to shade. They came out pretty good and I was proud of the way they looked, especially as they took me quite a long time to paint.

The only issue I had with them is that I'd just painted the twelve models that came in the box. I didn't know Blood Bowl well enough at the time. When I construct a Blood Bowl team now, I ensure I have every possible model that I might need in a league before I start painting any of them.

So - my quandry was this.

1) Buy extra models and paint them to look the same as these Amazons to make a full team.
This isn't as simple as it sounds as, I like to think, I'm a better painter now so the new models wouldn't look the same. I'd also need to rebase the old team as I don't really like the pitch markings I painted on the bases - and they'd need renumbering to fit in the extra players.

2) Put the models in paint stripper, then repaint the team with new players.
I don't honestly think I could bring myself to put models I've painted in paint stripper. I do buy pre-painted models on Ebay and then strip them - but I spend so much time and effort on painting models, I think it would be a callous thing to do.

3) Sell the team on Ebay and then use the proceeds to buy another team of Amazons that I can paint from scratch.

I think option 3 will be the choice I go for although it is risky. If the auction doesn't go well, I could end up selling the models for less than the price of a new team. I'm hopeful that they'll make more than that though and I'll be able to buy a fresh new Amazon team plus extra players to make a full team. I'll have to wait until the weekend to auction the models though - I've learnt that auctions that end on a weekend get more viewers than auctions that finish at other times. Timing is the key for Ebay.

As the models are several years old and they have been used, they needed a touch up of paint here or there. I did that tonight and I've also taken some photos of them for use if I do decide to sell them. So - here are the pics of a team that I might not own for much longer!
* edit *

These Amazons sold for just under £75 in the end which I was very happy with! It's meant I can order a replacement full 16-player Amazon team with cash to spare.