Bunker Bowl Trophy

The 2009 Bunker Bowl is imminent now and yesterday I collected the trophy for the winning coach. It's a bit of a beast as it's 10 inches tall!

This is the third Bunker Bowl Trophy to have been made. The first trophy back in 2006 was quite small and rather than have a tournament, we had a cup competition for the highest ranking teams in the two leagues (one pro and one amateur). Scheduling the matches was a bit of a nightmare and the semi-finals dragged on into 2007. It was finally won by Erik Cooper's "Greenway Trackers" Wood Elf team.

The next year, I didn't want the tournament to run on the way it did before so I separated the league from the tournament. I changed it to a one-day three game tourney so everything was done and dusted on the same day. That first tournament took place in March 2008 and was won by Geoff Thirwell's "Von Erich's" Undead Team

So - only a few more days to go now for the third Bunker Bowl tournament at the club!