Chainsaw Wielding Looney

Star players in Blood Bowl are a contentious issue for some coaches. They say they spoil the balance of the teams and that's a fair point. I've had experience of that myself when I used Glart Smashrip Jr. in a recent game and he really helped me dominate the game, something Skaven don't usually do. At my club though, all of the coaches in the league seem to enjoy using star players whenever they get the chance and I'm no exception. Star players are a huge part of the background to the game so fielding one upon occasion is damn fun!

With the Bunker Bowl coming this Sunday and my recent decision to play Amazons, I've been trying to think of a way of dealing with some of the tough teams that I'm sure I'll be up against. Then I remembered that Amazons can, for some unexplicable reason, hire Helmut Wulf. He's a great star player as he armed with a flipping great chainsaw! Amazon players and rerolls are fairly cheap so I should be able to work out a roster that allows me to have enough spare players and still afford the hire fee for Helmut. He'll be sent off at some point during each game (it's hard to hide the chainsaw from the referee the whole game...) but hopefully he'll have trimmed the more dangerous opposing players down to size before that happens.

This model is the 2nd edition Chainsaw Wielding Looney from way back in 1988. I've only got one copy of this model though and, although I like having a star player for each team in team colours, I didn't want to paint this model in the pink scheme of the Bunny Girls - so I opted for a slightly more macho blue and white uniform for him. That should allow him to fit in with any other teams I use him for in the future.