Nothing can stop the Clawwww!

Yet more Skaven, this time is the start of some of the mutant players.

In the experimental LRB6 rules, there's a whole host of new star players and one of them is based on this model - the blitzer with a claw. Just before I finished painting this guy I used him in a game, something I rarely do as I really don't like using unfinished models. In his star player guise, this model represents Glart Smashrip Jr. who's a fantastically impressive Skaven. With ST4, Block, Claw and Dauntless he's a real threat to teams with high armour players. I was, therefore, desperate to get him into the game as I was facing an experienced Chaos Dwarf player. Glart really did help dictate the game as, for once, there was a Skaven on the pitch who really could hurt a Chaos Dwarf Blocker or a Bull Centaur. As it happened, he didn't cause any injuries but just fielding him was enough for my opponent to have to be cautious. It meant that when I had a lucky break with a loose ball, one of the other rats could pounce on it and run for the endzone. He's definately a better asset to the team than a lot of the other star players that Skaven have access to.