Better late than never...

Gamesday, as usual, drained all my hobby enthusiasum for quite a while and when I got it back, work managed to get in the way. I had a lot of overtime offered to me as part of a project and, with times being what they are, I grabbed it with both hands! It meant little time left for family, let alone hobby projects, but it's over now and things are getting back to normal at last.

So - with a chance at some painting, I thought I'd finish off that Black Reach dreadnought that's been on my paint station for months. I wanted to give him extra options as well as the multi-melta and close-combat weapon so I found some spare dreadnought weapons to give to him (the twin-linked autocannon is a Forge World resin piece whilst the others are plastics.) One problem was that the arm sockets on the BR dread is smaller than the sockets on a standard plastic dreadnought so the arms just fall off. Thankfully, I had some spare magnets to hand so I used those to attach the arms, making it a breeze to switch weapons whenever I want something else.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry on him, I got on with a small side-project for a campaign my club is going to run. One of the guys has a huge Dark Angels army so I decided to paint up a Cypher model for him to use as an objective.

I think I'll get another Crimson Fists tactical squad painted next. If I get the ten of those done, I can make my target of 200 models painted in a year!