Be prepared

I managed to sneak in these Scouts into the 2009 painting tally as I've been on holiday. Having a few extra days off between Christmas and New Year has been very relaxing and I've had a chance to put some extra hobby time in. These are the old 3rd ed. metal scouts which I have a lot of - mainly as I've had some given to me by friends to bulk out the scouts I already had.

I wanted to put some Fist icons on their shoulder pads but knew the standard decal would never fit the smaller pads - so rather than botch an attempt at hand painting them, I opted to trim the fist decals so that only the fist itself was left. I also trimmed some of the red double-ended tactical arrows so that it was just a single arrow and used those for the scouts which seemed to fit well. I'll follow these through with all the other scouts I need to paint.

I had a delivery from Dark Sphere today (who used to be Miniatures By Post) so I've now got a Razorback to use as a vehicle for my upcoming Command Squad and three Scout Bikers so I can give them a try.

These Crimson Fists are going to be my main focus for 2010 - I really want to get most of the models painted and get some proper gaming in. Later on in the year, I will try to get back to painting my Tomb Kings and, if I get a chance, I'll start my WWI French army for Great War.

So - I'll leave my last post of 2009 with the pics of the Scouts I finished today. Here's to 2010 being as productive as 2009 was!