The tactical approach...

With end of 2009 on the horizon, it was time to paint the last models of the year. This Tactical Squad for my Crimson Fists army marks 200 models painted over the year, something I'm really pleased about as it's more than I've ever managed before.

You'll probably notice that the sergeant is the Gamesday 2005 Captain. As he was toting a power fist, I couldn't think of a better army to put him in. The plasmagun marine is made from one of the metal bike squad members, glued to some plastic legs and the join hidden by a tabbard. All other marines are standard plastics.

The next unit I'm going to work on is some Scouts. I have three units of them ready for painting - a sniper squad, a shotgun squad and a close combat squad. I'm spoilt for choice on which to pick!