Monday, January 30

Bunker Bowl III

I'm happy to say that the Chelmsford Bunker is again running a Blood Bowl tournament this year - the Bunker Bowl III.

The event has already been aprroved by the NAF so I can start advertising the tournament.  It's a two-day event taking place at the regular club venue - the EPSA Sports and Social Club in Chelmsford.  Tickets are £20 each (£25 if you're not a NAF member but the extra £5 goes towards giving you membership) and for that you get two days of Blood Bowl action with tea / coffee / doughnuts in the morning and pizza at lunchtime.  There's a bar on site and we have the venue all day, both days to ensure we don't have to rush to pack up.

The first year running the tournament, we had twenty-four people take part; last year we had thirty people taking part - let's see if we can get a full house of forty people this year!

More details on the club website for those interested :

Bunker Bowl III