Last March of the Ents

It was my final league Blood Bowl game for my Halflings on Wednesday, facing off against an experienced Skaven coach.  Skaven are difficult opponents to play against as you just can't predict where the gutter runners will end up - the agile little buggers are so fast and nimble, they make a mockery of any kind of defence you attempt.  What worked for me was that I'd given lots of my hobbits the Diving Tackle skill and even if the skill doesn't work, just having those guys marking a gutter runner makes their coach nervous.  The game went well for me though and I won 2-0 although I did have a few injured and dead players along the way.  Not a big issue as it was their final game anyway.

I've really enjoyed using the Halflings this season.  My final tally was five wins, one draw and four losses which is pretty good considering my team is rubbish at most things.  They can't pass, they're really weak, they can't run very fast and they can't take a punch!  Fielding two treemen has been great though and although they didn't gain many star player points (my trees only managed to get one skill each) they are a threat to anything on the field.  Fielding Puggy Baconbreath whenever I got the chance was fun too - people fixate on trying to kill him as he's so annoying to them.  A ST3 hobbit with Dodge and Block - he's the one Halfling on the field who can take a punch.  I had so much fun with him this season, I had some D6 made up with him on the 6.

With the Blood Bowl season ending, I need to start getting my Firestorm Armada toys usable so I can play that again.  I moved house a few months ago so all my hobby equipment is in plastic storage bins in the garage - and I'm going to sort all that out this weekend so I can start painting again.  I used to store my hobby stuff in a utility room and I would carry the paint station to the kitchen table, set up my magnifying lamp and I'd be up and running in no time.  I can't do that in the new house as there's nowhere to store the stuff - so everything will be have to be carried from the garage when I want to paint.  I've bought a new paint station (the Laptop Paint Station made by Warlord Games) as my old GW wooden paint station is going to be too big to carry through the garage back door.  I'm sure I'll be able to get myself organised at some point!