Forum Fun and Games

Part II of moving the Chelmsford Bunker to a new domain name was moving the forum - which really isn't as easy as it should be.

The forum is a phpBB3 board and they offer a guide on how to do it :

I worked my way through this but I still couldn't get the forums to work on the new link - so I worked out a new way myself by installing the software from scratch on the new domain, running a backup on the old domain then importing the backup onto the new domain.  I also moved all the forum data from the old website to the new one via FTP.  I had to adjust some board settings (such as the mail and cookie settings) but all the users, forums, permissions and posts seem to have all moved over perfectly.

Overall, it took me the best part of a morning to get it working but at least it's all done now!

Now - back to painting spaceships!