Broadside 2012

On Sunday 10th June, I went along to Broadside 2012 which is a wargames and military trade show/event in Sittingbourne in Kent.  A few guys from the Bunker were going; my mate Tom who runs Cymbeline Games had bought a stall and he was selling lots of his wares - but he also had a participation game of Mantic games which Rich (another Bunker member) and I were helping to run.  Stewart Gibbs, one of Mantic's pathfinders, came along to show us how to play the games properly too.  The Bunker also had Steve, Jon and Brian there assisting Warlord Games by running a game of Operations Squad for them.

It's only the 2nd year that Broadside had been run but it was a good event - two halls full of traders and display/demo games with a decent bring and buy area to boot.  I think I'll go again next year as it was only an hour away from home.  As well as playing more demo games of Kings of War as I can ever remember, I found some spare time to go shopping and treated myself to more models for A Call To Arms: Star Fleet.  I had already bought some models from Mongoose Publishing at Salute earlier in the year but as they were at Broadside as well, I added some more ships to my fledgling Federation fleet.  More to come on ACTA: SF when I get around to building some of their fantastic models.

Anyway - here's some pics from Broadside!

Stewart demoing Kings of War
Dwarfs vs Undead - Kings of War
Left to right : Jon, Steve, Rich, Tom, Brian with me acting as rearguard